Note:  Many of these recipes are either directly from other sites (credited where I can find them), or are my own modifications on things I found on the web.

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made-right…ish.By Ken Cechuraan Iowa loose-meat sandwich knockoff, with a slight change
corn in butter sauceBy Ken CechuraOriginal:
Sokol Stickney Sloppy JoeBy Ken Cechuraone my mom has made for years - the main idea was that If everyone followed the same recipe, each family only used 1# of meat and they could put them all together in a big pot to feed everyone at a big doing. This batch serves 4-5.
Chicken TetrazziniBy Ken Cechurafairly simple chicken tetrazzini recipe, with some modifications. Original Source:, with some modifications....
Grammy’s Ravioli SoupBy Ken CechuraEasy, inexpensive, and quite tasty. Goes well with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich on a cold day.
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