In my previous post, I noted that the RT Systems software had at least one flaw in the development environment, which was causing an error when opening certain menus. I contacted tech support about this, and was very quickly greeted with the following response:

A new update is now available for the AT-D578 and the AT-D878.
To get the latest update click in Check For Updates in the Help menu.
RT Systems, Inc.

So I went and got the latest update – and this problem was cleared up! Now, I’m not sure when that update was released – but I would recommend checking for updates immediately after installation, as I’m not sure that they are changing their download version as soon as they release updates.

Several days later, I got another email-

We found a problem with scan lists.  This has been fixed and a new update available.
To get the latest update click on Check For Updates in the Help menu.
RT Systems, Inc.

So it would appear that RT systems is really working hard to keep things updated as they go. I haven’t used scan lists, so I’m not sure what was not working… I’m still working on getting more in-depth with the software, but for the time being, I’m still very happy with what I’m seeing. Note that I did ask if RT Systems will be adding support for radio background image management and DMR ID database management, and got the following response:

I have looked at the image download to the radio but because the bitmap image has to be change to the format needed for the radio I am not sure we will be able to do this.
As to the Contact list, in the software click on the File menu and then External Data and in the popup menu click on Contacts List.
Here you can search for the data and apply it directly to the radio or put it in the Talk Group list of the software.
RT Systems, Inc.

I have yet to try this out – I’ll have to take a shot at it next time I fire up my laptop.

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