Well, the original configuration (SteppIR controller passing commands between the radio and PW-1) worked… for a while. I suspect there was some collision or synchronization that fell out of timing or something, because it stopped working.

I contacted the guys at SteppIR to ask about the controller, and whether or not it did any talking on the bus. They confirmed that it (the SteppIR controller) does not talk on the CI-V bus, but only listens.

Well, in this case, it got simple – Menards happened to have some 1/8″ stereo “Y” cables on clearance for $0.98. I had picked up a couple just to have on hand, since they were cheap enough. Looks like I got my solution.

System Configuration for Icom radio CI-V operation with SteppIR and PW-1

I plugged everything in, re-synchronized the PW-1 to the 7300, and the system worked flawlessly.

Note, since multiple people have searched for the synchronization procedure, from an Icom TSR that I found here:

  • Ensure that the radio’s CI-V port (for the 7300, this is different form the USB functionality)
  • Ensure that radio CI-V Transceive is enabled
  • I’m not sure it’s REQUIRED, but I prefer to set the CI-V baud rate to either 4800 or 9600 for this configuration.
  • Ensure that the SteppIR is configured for Icom radios
  • Ensure that the SteppIR is configured for the same baud rate as the step above (4800 or 9600)
  • Power radio and amplifier off
  • Hold both the band UP and DN buttons on the bottom edge of the amplifier controller, while switching the amplifier on. This will reset the amplifier.
  • Turn the amplifier off.
  • Press the Input (Radio) button on the upper right corner of the controller while turning the amplifier back on. The “Input 1” LED will start blinking
  • Turn the radio on
  • Slowly tune the radio up and down the band (using the main tuning dial) until the 1 stops blinking.
    • Note: If you’re using a second radio, once radio 1 is synchronized (LED stops blinking), press the input button, and “Input 2” will start blinking. As before, slowly tune the radio (radio 2) until the light stops blinking.
  • Power cycle everything (again, not sure if this is required, but I like to make sure everything is “clean”).
  • switch bands on the radio, and ensure that the amplifier properly follows band changes. Additionally, the SteppIR should also be following the tuned frequency and/or band changes.