The VX1700 is a fairly nice radio, but it has one shortcoming from a flexibility standpoint – the VFO is not enabled by default, nor is it a simple software operation.  In order to enable VFO mode on the radio, a “CK-11” “field programming plug” is necessary.  I’m sure there’s a reason for this, likely a part 90 rule, but it’s a challenge.  It took a while, but after some conversing at a recent event, I was informed by another VX-1700 owner that the field programming adapter is nothing more than a plug that shorts two pins on the back panel of the radio.


One of the connectors on the rear panel of the radio is a 6 pin mini-DIN connector (much like a PS-2 connector on a computer – diagram shown below).




The jack, as installed on the radio, has pins 1 and 2 at the top.  In order to enable VFO mode, pins 2 and 4 need to be connected.  This may be done using a piece of wire, or even a solder blob.  As a test, I simply put a piece of ethernet wire between pins 2 and 4, and turned the radio on – this made the V/M and MODE buttons operational, just like expected!