This is a short post… just something I didn’t want to lose, and can no longer find the original source for.

The talk permit and post-call tones are, to say the least, obnoxious. I far prefer the tones used by my XTS series radio for P25, or even those used by the XPR radios for TRBO… and once upon a time, I found someone who had “mapped” those tones out to something that could be input into the CPS for the Anytone radios to allow them to emulate the batwing sounds.

It took a bit, but I finally found the one codeplug I had saved with these sounds…. so here’s a screenshot of how to set up the more pleasing Schaumbug-based key-up and call-end tones:

Alert Tone setup

In case you’re looking for this… it’s under Public->Optional Settings -> Alert Tones (see below)