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Cameras are cool, too….  testing the zenfolio  plugin..

For the 100AW rally, I decided I wanted to catch some action photos…  which is not a horrible challenge, if one has a good vantage point – at that point, it’s all camera settings.  At night it becomes a bit more challenging – especially when one doesn’t own a flash.


To solve the lack of night lighting, i bought a couple Neewar 680 flash units.  The reviews I saw said they were pretty close to the mid range Canon flashes, and they were a LOT less expensive.  I also bought a remote flash trigger setup – two receivers and one transmitter  I thought I was in business…   not so much.


In tinkering with the flash units, I found that they were shutting off after only a minute or two of inactivity.  Since I had intended on setting the flashes on stage somewhere convenient, then shooting from a safe area (possibly leaving the flashes to get hit, if things don’t work out), I would not be able to fiddle with them every 3 minutes…  the Rally came and went.  I shot the rally during the day, and tinkered with on-camera mounting… it didn’t work so well.  After this, i started looking for a way to durn off the auto-sleep… and even started shopping for other flashes that wouldn’t have this issue, and might still work with E-TTL when on-camera.  no such luck.


I emailed Neewar – no response.  Maybe lost between translation and the spam folder.


Almost a year later, I started googling – I had already considered opening the flash and looking for a circuit that I might be able to interrupt, if the sleep timer was an off-processor circuit.  I then found that the canon flashes had a similar function that can be adjusted by holding the c.fn button, and changing the menu settings.  The wheels started turning, when i was next in my office, i turned one of the flashes on and started holding different buttons (I was hoping for a menu button – no such luck), but when I held the backlight button down, it entered into a menu that said “SL    3”, pressing the left and right arrows changed the numeric value – up to 90.  I haven’t timed it, but it seems that it will stay on for almost an hour and a half.  I’m hoping to get a chance to use them this year…