This is an old post, pulled from one of my older websites – at the time, i was going for a CLEAN install, and speakers were a problem for space – so here’s my solution. This was part of a series on the overall install, including the use of a Jotto desk purpose-built console (Vehicle specific)

…. with the TM-V7A and other equipment installed, it was time to work on the speaker situation, since having the speakers for the radios INSIDE the console didn’t work. I had some external speakers on the ranger, and they worked OK, but often got in the way, so something out of the way was required. I decided my overhead console had a perfect place in a panel that had no apparent purpose.

The Top photo shows the overall console, and the next picture shows a detail of the panel i decided was to become the speaker for the V7A and BC780. (remember, this was from 2002, when Trunking was a scanner concern, but not quite Digital, yet).

Below is a picture showing the speaker i planned on using on top of the console… Below that is the speaker in place with the panel on the console removed.

A little dremeling was required to fit the particular speaker i chose AND get the original panel back in place, but the a replacement panel can be installed and will completely hide any and all modifications to the console.

I used a 2″ hole saw to make the hole in the panel for the speaker.

You know…. they look at you awfully funny when you walk in to WalMart and buy fabric…. maybe just cause i’m a 23 year old male. but it was the only thing I could find to work as a speaker cover.

The best method i found to attach the fabric to the panel was hot glue… I only burned myself 3 or 4 times smoothing things out.

Here the console is ready and waiting for the peaker grille to be installed.

This is the console with the speaker grille installed.

Here is a picture of the console installed with the speaker installed. Below is another picture on a slightly different angle…. the hardest part was getting the corners of the material tucked up properly so they looked good and still allowed the panel to be installed over the speaker.