Many years ago, programming the memories in an amateur radio was a “neat” feature.  As the capability was included in more radios, the radio manufacturers also began charging a hefty sum for the cables to do so, because they contained “Circuitry”.  Many amateurs quickly learned that these adapters were little more than RS-232 to TTL converters – often including a MAX232 chip.    Some worked well with a simple 2 transistor interface, others did not…

Over the years, I began purchasing cables for my radios, until I found my VX-7 required a cable, and many others had found a way to use the VX-5 cable with some audio adapters.  The lightbulb came on – I began realizing that the ADMS cable used for my VX-5 did the right level shifting, and could easily be adapted for many other radios…   the results of that experimentation are contained below.


Contained herein is:

Yaesu / Vertex
Radio Shack / GRE
  • VX5
  • VX7
  • FT50
  • VR-120
  • FT-1500
  • FTL-1011
  • FTL-2011
  • FTL-7011
  • CI-V
    (tested on IC-706)
  • Pro-93
  • Pro-2053
  • Pro-96




My cable was from a VX-5R radio, and was also useable on the FT50 and many other Yaesu handhelds at the time. This is the connector on the end: When you get down to it, this cable essentially contains a RS-232 to TTL converter… so it has uses even for small projects such as testing TTL-output GPS units, etc.

Now – here are some cables and adaptors to use this cable for other radios:


Vertex (Yaesu)

Use as-is for the following:

Yaesu VR-120


need adaptor to adapt 3 cond jack to 4 cond plug

Yaesu VX-5
Yaesu FT-50

Wire a 3/8″ stereo jack to a 3/8″ 4 conductor plug as follows-




Yaesu VX7-

A completely off the shelf solution – all that is needed is:

  • a yaesu CT91 breakout cable,
  • 3/8″ (socket) stereo to 3/32″ (plug) stereo reducer

plug 3 cond ADMS plug into reducer, plug into mic jack (3/32″ jack) on CT91 (and plug CT91 into the radio)


Yaesu FT-1500

need to build adaptor cable
get 6 cond RJ11 phone cable, 3/8″ stereo jack
pin 6 (program) to center conductor on the jack
pin 4 (ground) to outer conductor on the jack

VERTEX FTL-1011/2011/7011 – need to build adaptor cable

get 8 cond phone cable, 3/8″ stereo jack

jumper pins 7 and 6
Pins 8 and 5 to program and ground, respectively.

Pin 8 – Clone Data,
pin 7 – Clone Switch,
pin 6 – +9v,
pin 5 – Ground

Icom (CI-V)

Another off-the-shelf solution:

IC706 (as CI-V interface) need 3/8″ (socket) stereo to 3/8″ (plug) mono adaptor
plug 3 cond ADMS plug into adaptor into CI-V jack on radio


Radio Shack / GRE

More off-the-shelf solutions! RS/GRE use the same adaptor as Icom – a 3/8″ stereo jack to mono plug…


Pro 93/2053 – simple plug & play!
Pro 96 – same adaptor, slightly modified process…
plug the adapter into the scanner before plugging the cable into the adapter. The Pro-9X will then go into clone mode.
I’ve tried it without plugging the adapter in first and most of the time the scanner wont go into clone mode