Disclaimer…. This one’s not a kludge.

I have an LDG tuner – one of the 100W models, perfect for QRP or barefoot operation.

It has… had… UHF connectors. As you may know, I don’t like UHF connectors As I described before… and after a conversation with another ham at church, I decided it was time to convert to BNC connectors to reduce adaptors and use smaller cables.

One thing I learned along the way is that BNC connectors with the same flange size as UHF connectors are hard to find! Fortunately I found some on eBay- search for “wide flange BNC” – they usually have an extra ground pin on the back side.

Now… they took the slow boat in an orange convex from China to get here, but they DID get here!

I quickly disassembled the tuner to get to the existing connectors.

Note that you DO need to remove the main PC board to get all the hardware out and then back in. It didn’t take me long to desolder the center pin, and swap them out, then put all the hardware back in.

After reassembling it, I can now cleanly connect bnc cables, and no longer need to mess around with UHF connectors, as long as I have my trusty BNC cables with me!