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Crustless Pizza

Pizza with no bread-based dough. Certainly minimal carbs. mostly diabetic friendly, but not as dry and gross sounding as the various flour-alternative dough options!


Something between Jambalaya and Mac and Cheese - a true hit at a recent food day at work! Inspiration / Sources:


Found this one on facebook, and modified it slightly... instead of the taco seasoning, they called out Safritas, which I cannot find at a typical grocery store in iowa. Additionally,…

Potato Dumplings

Another family recipe - again, attributed to Grandma Cechura, until I hear otherwise.... This was part of a duck, dumpling, and sauerkraut meal that, according to the recipe, was started…


I think the word "Jambalaya" is a cajun word for "clean out the fridge." I've made it with multiple kinds of deer meat in place of the Andouille sausage before,…