A hack from Ed’s Kitchen…

Ever wonder if your freezer failed, and you didn’t know it?  Or, you knew power went out, but don’t know how it affected the stuff in your freezer?

Simple hack, costs almost nothing, and can prove whether or not you can trust the stuff in your freezer!

  • Get a 20 oz soda bottle and empty it.
  • Fill it 1/2 full of water, and replace the cap
  • Freeze it
  • Once frozen, put it in your chest or outdoor freezer upside down

If there is an issue with your freezer’s inside temp, due to failure, being left open, power outage, etc., the water in the bottle will thaw, and water will drop into the narrow neck of the bottle. Even if power returns and everything re-freezes, you have proof of what happened. There is no reason to ever have water in the neck of the bottle once it has been frozen initially, unless it thaws.