I just got a four burner Blackstone griddle. My house has propane (250 gallon tank) with a stub on the back porch, so it seems really silly to be using the typical 20 lb propane tanks.

Bear in mind that my propane feed has a built in regulator at the home entry point. This protects everything on the system from an over pressure situation.

The only problem was that I couldn’t find a hose, kit, or even blog post about making this work.

Upon assembling the grill, I made an observation.   I removed the included propane hose/regulator, and found that the griddle is equipped with a 3/8” flare fitting to connect to the hose for the propane tank.

On a whim, I went by my local Ace Hardware (Gibson’s in Weatherford, TX), and they had a Bayou Classic hose for grills and griddles.   This hose happened to have a 3/8” flare on one end.  I didn’t pay attention to the other end at the time, since I wasn’t 100% sure what fitting was on my back porch.    I test-fitted the hose to the griddle, and checked the other ends… turns out I only needed to adapt the ½” pipe on my wall to the ¼” connector on the hose – a bushing.  Gibson’s didn’t have those, but Lowe’s did.

I got back around 10 PM, connected it all together (appropriately Teflon taping the connections), and test fired the griddle – it worked flawlessly. I put a first seasoning coat on the griddle, and plan on cooking dinner on it tonight!

First burn

Just to summarize – here’s the required parts list (for my application – check your stub-out before you buy anything):

  • Bayou Classic 7908 – 8 foot propane hose with ¼” NPT (pipe thread) to 3/8” flare
  • ½ MPT to ¼ FPT adaptor
  • Teflon tape